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Dime Industries manufactures an excellent cartridge. The oil tank is a clear and thick solid glass. Both the mouthpiece and base of the cartridge are metal and painted to fit the aesthetic of the Dime Industries patented zero-waste atomizer.I didn’t have a chance toactually purchase and get a feel for the Dime atomizer. For this Dime cartridge review I tested the 1 gram, Blueberry Lemon Haze cartridge, which is a Sativa. I don’t believe they say the cartridge has actual blueberry strain, so maybe it’s just lemon haze with blueberry terpenes? The design of the Dime cartridge is one of the best I have seen on the market

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The cartridge feels very high quality and it is very pretty to look at. It’s pretty heavy because of the metal and glass but i think that’s a good thing. There are air-holes on either side of the base of the cartridge. These air-holes provide air flow and allow for huge clouds and smooth hits. Not to mention the satisfying hiss they make as I vape. Even with slight damage and a minor leak my cartridge holds up with superb quality overall.

The only problem is storing the cartridge

The only problem I have with my Dime cartridge is it seems to be leaking due to some damage to the body. However I realize now that because of the cartridge’s design, it needs to be stored up-right. If i don’t store it upright, the oil seeps into the chamber and then into the mouthpiece. This isn’t too big of a deal, but on my first hit the hot concentrate bubbled through the mouthpiece and burned my tongue.

The oil in the Dime cartridge is a superb distillate

The oils within the Dime Industries cartridges are distillates. I have never been a fan of distillates because most of them are harsh on my throat. However this particular cartridge has one of the smoothest smokes I ever had. I didn’t go hoarse from smoking it repeatedly and itdoesn’t hit hot.

Sometimes I get a bitter aftertaste or mild headache from smoking some distillates, which was the case with the Timeless Vapes cartridge I had tested previously. The Dime cartridge isn’t giving me headaches, however, and it doesn’t  get my battery all hot.

Dime Industries vape cartridges have excellent THC content and the high is very strong on the sativa

With an excellent overall quality, the Dime cartridge is a patented zero-waste atomizer. The distillate is one of the smoothest vapes you’ve had that doesn’t hit hot. The cartridge is an efficient design that doesn’t waste a drop.


The Dime Industries cartridge is tasty, smooth hitting, and has a quality buzz that makes the cartridge last for weeks. They hit well without being harsh, and is priced reasonably. The oil is almost indistinguishable from super-clean e-juice.

Even with air-holes for flow and me making huge clouds, my full gram Dime cartridge is still going strong. My universal battery actually ran out before I could finish my cartridge. I still haven’t been able to finish and I believe it will last well into three weeks. The way Dime Industries manufactures their cartridges looks like I am going to vape almost every drop.

Potency definitely helped the efficiency of my Dime cartridge

At 86% THC my Dime cartridge packed a heavy punch.  Not having to constantly be smoking makes me use less oil and since its strong I only need one good pull.

Lower heat settings extend oil life and gave a better experience

I set my universal pen at the lowest heat and I didn’t feel like testing it on a higher setting On the lowest setting my universal battery still hit really well. Lower heat increases the efficiency of my cartridge and in my opinion is the best way to enjoy the full experience Dime cartridges have to offer.

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    Works good

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    Great ointment. Need a large supply for my shop

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    Good quality on your products

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    Next time am coming with a coupon for my discount

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